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SUSS becomes a Founding Member of the Coalition for Evidence-Based Blockchain (CEBB)

Singapore University of Social Sciences is the latest to join CEBB, the Coalition for Evidence-Based Blockchain. Led by Professor David Lee Kuo Chuen, SUSS has joined the world's leading universities to advance Evidence-Based Blockchain.

Coalition for Evidence-Based Blockchain CEBB is a neutral, independent and decentralised consortium of leading Blockchain research institutions. Led by some of the world's most eminent academics, CEBB will devise scientific benchmarks and frameworks to support governments, businesses and policymakers in making evidence-based decisions. As a collective voice on the advancement of Evidence-Based blockchain, the academic "Think Tank" of thought leaders and researchers endeavour to establish internationally agreed standards on education, research and policy-making for blockchain technologies. CEBB will also support organisations in setting up regional and institutional EBB chapters, run by the CEBB Leads. CEBB will also assist with the advancement of high quality research, call for papers and dissemination of scholarly content within the CEBB network. It will also facilitate joint initiatives, workshops, journal clubs, and other academic activities with CEBB members.

CEBB aims to foster network-wide collaboration in projects, case studies, applied and theoretical research to avoid duplication, and streamline resources to produce meaningful research. It will also facilitate close-knit networking opportunities and connection with peers to build evidence-based guidelines for all stakeholder organisations.

Founding Member Institutions and CEBB Leads:

RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub, Australia (Prof. Jason Potts)

Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK (Prof. John Domingue)

Computer Science Research Institute, Ulster University, UK (Prof. Kevin Curran)

The British Blockchain Association (Dr Naseem Naqvi)

Edinburgh Napier University (Prof. Bill Buchanan)

Singapore University of Social Sciences (Professor David Lee Kuo Chuen)

CEBB Advisors:

Professor Jim KS Liew, The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Professor Marc Pilkington, University of Burgundy, France

Dr Anish Mohammed, Institute of Information Systems Berlin, Germany

For Institutions/ Universities wishing to join CEBB, please send your expression of interest to:


For more information visit:


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