“ The JBBA has an outstandingly streamlined submissions process, the reviewer's comments have been constructive and valuable, and it is outstandingly well produced, presented and promulgated. It is, in my opinion, the leading journal for blockchain research and I expect it to maintain that distinction under the direction of its forward-looking leadership team. "


Dr Brendan Markey-Towler PhD, University of Queensland, Australia



“ It is really important for a future world to be built around peer-review and publishing in the JBBA is one good way of getting your viewpoints out there and to be shared by experts. "


Professor Dr Bill Buchanan OBE PhD, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland



"I always enjoy reading the JBBA."

Professor Dr Emin Gun Sirer PhD, Cornell University, USA


“ The JBBA has my appreciation and respect for having a technical understanding and the fortitude for publishing an article addressing a controversial and poorly understood topic. I say without hesitation that JBBA has no equal in the world of scientific Peer-Review Blockchain Research. ”


Professor Rob Campbell, Capitol Technology University, USA



“ The JBBA is the world's leading academic journal for blockchain research. It publishes a wide range of blockchain topics in a rapidly expanding and important field. Publishing research in The JBBA was quick and hassle-free. The journal provides a remarkable platform to reach the burgeoning group of academics, policymakers and businesses working in blockchain. "


Dr. Darcy Allen PhD, RMIT University, Australia



" Within an impressively short time since its launch, the JBBA has developed a strong reputation for publishing interesting research and commentary on blockchain technology. As a reader, I find the articles uniformly engaging and the presentation of the journal impeccable. As an author, I have found the review process to be consistently constructive. ”


Dr. Prateek Goorha PhD, Blockchain Researcher and Economist



“ This is a very professionally presented journal.”


Peter Robinson, Blockchain Researcher, PegaSys, ConsenSys



“We live in times where the pace of change is accelerating. Blockchain is an emerging technology. The JBBA’s swift review process is key for publishing peer-reviewed academic papers, that are relevant at the point they appear in the journal and beyond.”


Professor Daniel Liebau, Visiting Professor in Blockchain, IE Business School, Spain



“ Very professional and efficient handling of the process, including a well-designed hard copy of the journal. Highly recommend its content to the new scientific field blockchain is creating as a combination of CS, Math and Law. Great work! ”


Simon Schwerin MSc, BigChain DB and Xain Foundation, Germany



"The JBBA submission process was efficient and trouble-free. It was a pleasure to participate in the first edition of the journal."


Dr Delton B. Chen PhD, Global4C, USA



“JBBA has quickly become the leading peer-reviewed journal about the fastest growing area of research today. The journal will continue to play a central role in advancing blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. "


John Bond, Senior Publishing Consultant, Riverwinds Consulting, USA



“I had the honour of being an author in the JBBA. It is one of the best efforts in promoting serious blockchain research worldwide. If you are a researcher, you should definitely consider submitting your blockchain research to the JBBA.”


Dr. Stylianos Kampakis PhD, University College London, Centre for Blockchain Technologies, UK



“I would like to think of the JBBA as an engine of knowledge and innovation, supporting the blockchain industry, innovation and stimulate debate.”


Dr Marcella Atzori PhD, EU Parliament and EU Commission Blockchain Expert, Italy



“ The overarching mission of the JBBA is to advance the common monologue within the Blockchain technology community. JBBA is a leading practitioners journal for blockchain technology experts.”


Professor Dr Kevin Curran PhD, Ulster University, Northern Ireland




Testimonials from Authors and Readers

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