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The JBBA, 4th Edition, October 2019
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The Journal of British Blockchain Association (JBBA) is the world's first peer-reviewed, academic journal devoted to Blockchain technology, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Cryptocurrencies that is available both in print, and online. It is an Open Access journal offering wide-ranging and comprehensive coverage of all facets of Blockchain, DLT, Cryptocurrencies and is the leading practitioner journal in the European Blockchain community. JBBA is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).


The JBBA was built on the objective of advancing the knowledge, understanding and application of Blockchain technologies through the publication of thorough, peer-reviewed, relevant research from leading academics and professionals.


The JBBA provides a forum for authors to share proof of concepts, knowledge transfer, proof of impact, experimentation and experiences across a wide range of industries and technologies in which Blockchain is being deployed. It also publishes original research, thought-leadership opinion pieces, case studies, critical reviews and interviews with key influencers and blockchain/DLT experts from around the globe that advance the common level of monologue within the blockchain/DLT profession.


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The JBBA calls Scientists, Scholars, Engineers, Academicians, Industrial professionals and Researchers from all over the world to submit their unpublished, original work for inclusion in our upcoming issue. All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated based on originality, quality of content and relevance to journal contributions. We also welcome empirical papers from all areas of Blockchain/DLT technology and cryptocurrency research, including innovation and emerging trends. All the accepted articles will be published in the upcoming issue of the journal.


The JBBA ISSN Number (Online): ISSN 2516-3957

The JBBA ISSN Number (Print):     ISSN 2516-3949


How to Write and Publish your Blockchain Research? - A step-by-step guide: JBBA YouTube Channel


Latest Peer Reviewed Original Research:


Blockchain and Supply Chains: V-form Organisations, Value Redistributions, De-commoditisation and Quality Proxies

The Contractual Cryptoeconomy:

An Arrow of Time for Economics

Cryptocurrency Investing Examined

The Application of Behavioural Heuristics to Initial Coin Offerings Valuation and Investment

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Associate Editor-In-Chief:

Professor Dr. Marc Pilkington PhD

(Cryptocurrencies/ Digital Tech)

Professor Dr. Kevin Curran PhD



Professor Dr. John Domingue PhD

(Artificial Intelligence/ Education)

Professor Dr. Bill Buchanan PhD

(Cryptography/ Cybersecurity)


Professor Dr. David Lee Chuen PhD

(Applied Blockchain)

Contributing Editors & Reviewers:

Professor Dr. Wulf Kaal PhD

(Blockchain & Law)


Professor Dr. Jason Potts PhD

(Applied Blockchain)

Professor Dr. Chris Sier PhD

(DLT in Finance/ Capital Markets)

Professor Dr. Anne-Laure Mention PhD

(Blockchain & Economics)

Dr. Maria Letizia Perugini PhD

(DLT, Digital Forensics & Smart contracts)

Professor Dr. Shada Alsalamah PhD

(Healthcare Informatics & Blockchain)

Professor Dr. Eric Vermeulen PhD

(Financial Law, Business, Economics)

Professor Dr. Jeff Daniels PhD

(Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing)

Professor Dr. Mark Lennon PhD

((Cryptocurrencies, Finance, Business)

Professor Dr. Walter Blocher PhD

(Blockchain, Law, Smart Contracts)

Professor Dr. Clare Sullivan PhD

(Cybersecurity / Digital Identity)

Professor Dr. Andrew Mangle PhD

(Cryptocurrency, Smart contracts)

Professor Dr. Isabelle C Wattiau PhD

(Information Systems, Smart Data)


Professor Dr. Lee McKnight PhD

(IoT & Blockchain)

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis MSc PhD

(ICOs, AI, Big Data, Token Economics)

Dr. Duane Wilson PhD

(Cybersecurity/ Computer Science)

Dr. Darcy Allen PhD


Dr. Christian Jaag PhD

(Crypto-economics, Law)

Dr. Larissa Lee JD

(Blockchain & Law)

Dr. Jeremy Kronick PhD

(Blockchain & Finance/ Economics)

Dr. Hossein Sharif PhD

(Blockchain, AI, Cryptocurrencies)

Dr. Phil Godsiff PhD


Dr. Sean Manion PhD

(Blockchain in Healthcare)


Dr. Anish Mohammed MSc

(Crypto-economics, Security)

Adam Hayes MA BS CFA

(Blockchain and Political Sociology)

Dr. Marcella Atzori MSc PhD

(GovTech/ Smart Cities)


Professor Dr. Mary Lacity PhD
(Blockchain/ Information Systems)

Dr. Mureed Hussain MD MSc

(Blockchain Governance)

Dr. Ifigenia Georgiou PhD


Demelza Hays MSc


Alastair Marke FRSA MSc

(Blockchain and Climate Finance)

Jared Franka BSc

(Cryptocurrency/ Network Security)

Navroop K Sahdev MSc

(Innovation/ Applied Blockchain)

Raf Ganseman

(DLT in Trade & Music Industry)

Sebastian Cochinescu MSc

(Blockchain in Culture Industry)

Jared Polites MSc

(ICOs & Cryptocurrencies)

Managing Editor

(Manuscript Workflow):


Saba Arshad MSc

Type-setting, Design & Publishing:

Zeshan Mahmood






Admin Assistant:

Tracy Smith

Publishing Consultant:

John Bond




In the best interests of the scientific blockchain community, the JBBA will be freely accessible via the internet for immediate, worldwide, open access, to the full text (with no embargo) of all articles. The JBBA applies the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) under which all readers will be able to download and print any article at no cost, with no requirements of prior permission from the author or the publisher.


The primary income streams for the JBBA are advertising, sponsorship and Article Processing Charge. Advertising and subscriptions are managed by a division of BBA that has no influence or involvement in the editorial governance of the JBBA.


For sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please contact: admin@britishblockchainassociation.org

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