About Us

About Us

BBA is the world’s most prestigious and the most influential voice on Blockchain. Established in 2017, BBA has quickly become the leading global association for blockchain with extensive network presence in six continents.

BBA promotes Evidence Based adoption of Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

We are home to the Centre for Evidence Based Blockchain (CEBB), The Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA), Student Forum (BBA SF) and the Industry Advisory Think-Tank.

BBA advocates for Evidence Based Blockchain. We support excellence and impactful advancement of blockchain based projects around the globe. Our vision is to improve and transform existing distributed ledger ecosystems by bringing together key influencers and organisations from the public and private sectors on a shared platform.

Our mission is to work in strategic collaboration with organisations and stakeholders in the blockchain space by advancing best practices and evidence-based solutions to benefit wider community. We support innovative ideas to tackle some of the key challenges in the DLT ecosystem.

The Journal Of The British Blockchain Association - JBBA

The World’s First fully Open-Access, Peer Reviewed Blockchain Research Journal

Available both In-print and Online

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Centre for Evidence Based Blockchain

The world’s first Centre of Excellence advancing evidence-based blockchain. CEBB comprises of a global network of world’s leading research institutions, Industry think-tanks, JBBA research community, BBA Student Forum, BBA partners and BBA member organisations.


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